Morfini M.Rapid rFVIIa enhanced on-demand dosing in haemophilia inhibitor patients.

Morfini M.Rapid rFVIIa enhanced on-demand dosing in haemophilia inhibitor patients.European Journal of Haematology. 2016; 96:111-118.

Abstract: Recombinant factor VII activated (rFVIIa) is a bypassing agent widely used in haemophilia A and B patients with antibodies against coagulation factors VIII or IX. When used according to the correct doses, rFVIIa may control bleeding, subclinical bleeding and rebleeding, avoiding the effect of neutralising inhibitors. Because of the fast action of the rFVIIa, haemostasis occurs promptly and enables a fast bleeding control with on-demand treatment in home or in surgical setting. Rapidity is also a distinguishing feature in preparation and injection of rFVIIa to cope the restraining times of busy patients and parents. The effective haemostatic activity of rFVIIa enables a sustained bleeding control, which is implemented with every other day (eod) administration and suited for enhanced on-demand therapy and short-term repeated infusions use of rFVIIa to prevent microhaemorrhages or rebleeding. Comprehensive appreciation of these pharmacological and pharmacodynamic’ characteristics will likely be a further stimulus to the wider enhanced on-demand use of rFVIIa.

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