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Science and Education

  • Postgraduate education and training programs in hematology.
  • Training programs for medical technologists
  • Training fort the primary and intermediate health care levels, particularly in developing countries.

Nomenclature, Terminology, Quantities and Units

  • Harmonization of hematological terms and units.
  • Standardization of hematological nomenclature.

Nomination Committee

Joint Collaborations

  • With the International Council for Standardization in Hematology (ICSH) to organize national quality assurrance programs
  • With the World Health Organization (WHO) and its regional offices
  • With all the member national hematology societies
  • With the European Committee of Normalization and the Measurements & Testing Program of the European Commission (European Union)
  • With ASH, EHA ,ISTH and ISEH

Regular Scientific and Business Meetings

  • Bi-annual International Congresses
  • Training Courses
  • Educational Symposia
  • Divisional Boards, Board of Councillors Meetings and General Assembly

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