ISH 2014 World Congress

Report of the ISH Chair-of-Council

The Chinese Society of Hematology (CSH) hosted the ISH 2014 World Congress held on September 4-5, 2014 in Beijing, China. The president of congress was Prof. Xiaojun Huang, Co-Chairs were Prof. Changgeng Ruan Chan.

Prof.Kaiyan Liu served as the secretary-general. The congress started with the presidental symposium. The presentation by Prof. Zhu Chen who followed by Jacob Rowe who reviewed the role of stem cell transplantation in AML. Ruben Mesa presented state-of-the art knowledge in myeloproliferative neoplasms.

The meeting also included various presentations on acute leukemias, lymphomas, CLL, CML, Multiple myeloma, coagulation and platelet disorders.

The oral and poster sessions were well-attented.

ISH 2014 Beiging Congress was very successful, well-organized and balanced scientific program in basic sciences and clinical hematology.

The venue was beautiful nearby Beijing Olympic Garden with spectacular “Birds Net Stadium” and “Aquarium waterspors center.

There were 1400 attendees from 34 countries. Total of 400 Abstracts were submitted to the meeting.

As a newly elected ISH Chair-of-Council I envision the future of the Society as a strong source of global education in hematology embracing all the countries in five continents. ISH is the only and oldest world hematology organization established by the national hematology societies, in 1946. ISH always has the strongest committment to serve, educate and bring up-to-date knowledge as well as experience and collaborations with Professional societies, like ASH, ICSH, ISTH and ISEH.

As a Chair-of-Council, I am planning to servet he society with the following major tasks :

  1. To have an updated, improved and active membership roster,
  2. To create and build up an interactive, up-to-date and
  3. To establish scientific working groups dealing with specified issues including ethics,
  4. To establish a code of anduct for science ethics
  5. The bi-annual congresses to be the venue where all hematology researchers, basic and clinical, wish to present their latest findings, where hematologists in general practice can get updated, and inspired from the very best courses and lecturers.
  6. To establish training courses, educational meetings between the biannual congresses. These training courses can be a joint activity and incorporated with the national hematology meetings in several countries. These courses will be aimed to enhance the training and proffessional development of junior as well as senior hematologists, particularly in Africa, far east and eastern Europe and Latin America.
  7. To improve our fiscal responsibilities and having beter financial status.
  8. To improve our communication with ISH members, utiliziner beter interactive Web-site and to have efficient bridging with stronger bonds with other related societies.

We are looking forward to see you all, in ISH 2016 World Congress, in Glasgow, U.K on April 14-18, 2016 (www.ish2016.com).

Emin Kansu, M.D., FACP

ISH, Chair-of-Council


Report on “ISH – Pan Arab Joint Session” in The Pan Arab Hematology Congress

We would like to inform you our experience concerning the first “ISH – Pan Arab Joint Session” at the IVth Pan Arab Hematology Congress and XIIIth Saudi Society of Hematology (SSH) Congress, February 5-7th 2015, in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There were 350+ attendees from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Quatar, Sudan, Lebanon, France, Italy, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Sweden and Netherlands. The scientific program included ten sessions with 38 lectures, 5 oral and 65 poster presentations. There was also a special session on nursing in hematology.

We were invited to represent ISH and to organize a session on “Hematology Education” on February 6th 2015. Sabri Kemahli delivered a talk on “Current Perspectives on Undergraduate Hematology” and mine was on “Evidence-Based Medicine in Hematology and Its Importance in Post-Graduate Education”. Both presentations were raised a nice Q&A session (Photos attached). The scientific committee members expressed their interest to organize an “ISH – SSH” and /or “ ISH – Saudi Stem Cell Transplantation Society (SSCT) Joint Sessions” on hematology education, in Riyadh.

The president of the SSH Prof. Mohammed Quari was very pleased to have a joint session in the scientific program and mentioned us that the Board of the Society has decided to continue their collaboration with ISH in the future annual meetings. The Board has been considering a joint session on “Congenital Coagulation Disorders” for 2016.

A complimentary ISH Booth was kindly organized by SSH and it was nicely located next to the main lecture hall entrance (Photos attached). We were able to display ISH Flag, ISH activities and “ISH 2016 Glasgow World Congress” flyers, issues of HEMATOLOGY Journal, as well as Membership Forms. On-site, we were very pleased to receive total of 48 membership applications.

In conclusion, we believe having the first “ISH – Pan Arab Joint Session” and a booth in a national/regional congress was quite a successful and important event for recruiting new members, awareness and promotion of ISH. We can similarly implement the same approach in IAD and APD. Our new initiative will start to fill the “gap” between the bi-annual ISH World congresses and have a significant impact in our mission, at a global scale.

Respectfully prepared by Emin Kansu,M.D.,FACP and Sabri Kemahlı, M.D.

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